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What ages do you teach?

We provide age-appropriate classes for students aged 1 and up. Our oldest student to date has been 67 years old. It's never too late to try something new!


I'm a beginner. What are your beginner classes?

You can register in nearly ANY recreational program class as a beginner. Because all students progress at a different pace no matter what their level, each student is assigned their own set of skills to work on in class. We keep our student-instructor ratio very low, and students are provided with one-on-one instruction time to review their skills and learn new material.

Classes which are not suitable for beginners are clearly named as such: for example "Advanced Homelearners". 

What should I wear?

We recommend that you dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch without constraint. Loose clothing will be a drawback however as it may shift when you are upside down and get tangled in the equipment. Socks or bare feet are fine. We have a few additional rules for you to keep in mind:

- no jewelery (it may get caught in the equipment)
- no velcro, zippers, or buttons (these damage aerial silks and will be very uncomfortable when pressed against any equipment)
- long hair should be tied back

Aerial silk students: please be aware that long-sleeve shirts and pants or leggings that cover knees will prevent friction burns or discomfort. 


Do you do birthday parties?
We do! Please check out our birthday information page here. Birthdays can be booked online through our registration system!


What should I bring?

A water bottle! Other possible things you could bring along on your visit include a camera, a friend, a notebook, and a positive attitude!


What if I am afraid of heights?
All circus skills are taught at a very low height at first. It is entirely possible to learn quite a few skills and enjoy the fitness benefits of circus without ever going up to great heights. Circus will also build your confidence in your own strength as well as your spacial and proprioceptive awareness, therefore it is possible that you will choose to progress in height as you get comfortable on the equipment. Our instructors work with each student's skillset on an individual basis, so you will never feel pushed to a working height with which you don't feel comfortable. 


I have previous training in dance, gymnastics, trampoline, figure skating, or another discipline. What class should I sign up for?
This will depend on your interests. Please contact our office for assistance in finding the best fit for your previous training and current circus study goals. If you woud like to pursue high-level training in the circus arts, you may want to consider applying for the Intensive program or Artist Formation program. Admission to these courses require an audition, which can be submitted by video for out-of town or out-of-country students. 



Do you offer private lessons?
Absolutely. In order to book a private lesson, you will need to contact the office with information about your discipline, preferred instructor (if applicable), and availability.