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Whether our students are young or old, we recognize that circus is often one of the best parts of their day. We feel extremely proud to be able to provide a one-of-a-kind positive experience in our students' lives. We therefore strive to create a welcoming space where supportive staff guide students towards their training goals through fun yet productive classes. Our instructors challenge students to progress whenever students show interest in gaining further strength and knowledge and have the physical abilities to safely do so. 


The Intensive Program provides an additional level of challenge for the students, including a deeper study of technique and all-around exploration of circus arts, ranging from stage presence to safe rigging basics. This course of study also require higher levels of strength and conditioning than our regular programs. The fun and inspiring spirit of circus is however not lost as supportive coaches cheer students on towards accomplishments, and greater strength achievements open the doors to infinite possibilities in terms of act creation and individualized skill development.