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Special Needs




Our Homelearners Lab - Parent/SEA Support program is designed for students with special needs to take weekly circus classes in a fun, supportive and adapted environment! Special Education Assistants, caregivers or parents are welcome and encouraged to join the class at no extra coast.


This class provides the use of the entire gym, the ability to find a space to re-group away from the class while being welcome to join back in at any time, the ability to adjust ambient music volume, and the ability to modify the curriculum to individually suit and challenge each student. 

An experienced instructor will lead students through a series of stretches and warm-up exercises, followed by activities on the trampoline, aerial silks, trapeze, tumbling floor, aerial hoop, juggling, and more. Students are welcome to follow to the best of their abilities or with modifications as guided by their support worker.  

Fall 2019:  Wednesday - 2:00-3:00pm




The Circus Lab offers Kids and Teen summer camps as well as spring break camps every year. Depending on the level of assistance your child requires, he or she may enroll in our spring and summer camps without extra assistance,  with a Circus Lab volunteer support (please ask for availability), or with a support worker you provide!  If you think your child will require assistance, please  help us provide the right support for your student by letting us know what their needs are ahead of time. 




The Circus Lab provides private lessons taught by one of our qualified instructors with experience in the field of special needs. We can also accommodate group (2+) bookings for private lessons. Our Special Needs private lessons are provided at a discounted rate from regular private lessons. 


Please contact us if you have any questions!