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Svetlana Delous


* Currently touring with Cirque du Soleil's Ovo















Jason Waugh



Head of Ground Acrobatics Department
Tumbling and Hand-to-Hand Instructor





Paige Halex


Head Aerial Silk Instructor

For Paige, being a part of the circus completely embodies everything she loves about the performance world. Having participated in gymnastics, dance, and theatre as a child, finding circus arts at age 11 seemed to be the perfect match for her, and she has never looked back. Paige has trained mainly in aerial silk and dance trapeze, also dabbling in other disciplines such as trampoline and unicycle. Over the past few years, she has performed at many public and corporate events with a number of different circus companies from the Lower Mainland. What she most enjoys in coaching is being able to watch her students develop their skills and grow as young artists, and being able to share their excitement as they overcome their struggles. 




Ashley Donnelly

Trapeze, Hoop, and All-Around Instructor

Ashley began her career in the arts at the young age of 3, beginning acrobatic studies at the age of 7. She discovered circus through one of her teachers and instantly knew it was something she had to try. Ashley enjoys training on a wide variety of apparatus, however her true passion is exploring contortion skills on the aerial hoop. She is most excited to see students improve and excel over time. She currently continues to juggle training, performing modelling and coaching at the Circus Lab as well as other dance studios and professional companies. 



Sara Lohnes


Operations Manager

Sara has an extensive background in business and administration, having worked in marketing and human resources for BC Tel/Telus & UBC, and disaster recovery planning and coordination for The Loewen Group. When not at the Circus Lab, you'll usually find her stage-managing or costuming local community theatre productions.