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adult CIRCUS programs


Why Circus?


Whether you are bored of your regular fitness routine, looking for something fun and different, or even fulfilling a childhood dream, there is a place for everyone in the circus arts. 

It is never too late to try something new; our oldest student was 67!


You will get visibly stronger over time, refine your coordination, boost your health and cardio, and have the most random accomplishments to tell friends about. 


I don't have a gymnastics or dance background...

No previous experience is necessary.  Students work at their own pace and level within a class, guided by their coach. You do not need a specific background in order to enjoy and succeed in the circus arts. All you need is determination and hard work!


What if I am afraid of heights? 

You do not need to work at a height unless you have developed the skills necessary to do so safely and have a willingess to challenge yourself. Aditionally, there are plenty of disciplines that keep you on the ground, or nearby at least, such as felxibility, tumbling, tricking, juggling/unicycle, and partner acrobatics. 


Take a look at what we have to offer!



Single Discipline Classes

Hour-long recreational classes are available for adults at any level.


Classes are offered in:

- trapeze

- trampoline

- aerial hoop

- aerial silk
- unicycle
- flexibility



Supportive instructors are eager to guide both new and experienced adult students through the circus disciplines of their choice. Students 

progress towards their goals, whether these be recreational, fitness, or even a career in the circus arts! 


All - Around Classes


All-around classes target all of the above disciplines for a short amount of time wihtin the hour. If you are not sure which discipline to chose, we recommend this class! This will give you a taste of what the circus has to offer, and you are welcome to transfer to a single-discipline class once you have found your passion. If you are looking for a good all-around and varied workout, this is definitely the class for you! 


Class Schedule and Descriptions


For detailed class descriptions, schedules and pricing, please click here. Some classes are adult-only, some classes are teen/adult. If you can't find what you are looking for and have a few friends who want to join you, we may be able to add an additional session into the schedule: just ask!



Class Size and Level


Class sizes vary from 4 to 8 students per instructor. These low numbers are maintained so that each student may have optimal amounts of direct one-on-one time with the instructor. This allows students to not worry about the level at which the rest of the class is working: each student progresses at their own pace and is given separate skills to work on. 



Contact and Registration 


Registration is open online anytime, however our office will be happy to assist you with any questions or in-person registration.