The Circus Lab team can't wait to inspire your child to try something new!


We run 4 sessions per year: Fall Session (Sept-Jan), Spring Session (Feb-Jun), July Summer Session, and August Summer Session. Feel free to join us anytime, even mid-session!




Junior Lab


Our Junior Lab classes are a 2-hour all-around circus class for the novice to intermediate student wanting to experience all that circus has to offer!


This circus class covers all the fundamental disciplines of circus, such as:

- tumbling

- trampoline

- trapeze
- aerial silk

- flexibility

- aerial hoop
- handbalancing

- balance

- unicycle

- theatre and improv skills
- juggling

...and more! 



1hr All-Around Circus Classes


One hour all-around classes are similar to  Junior and Teen Lab, condensed into a shorter time-frame. This class is best suited for students who are just joining us and would like to try everything before selecting a discipline. It also works well for those looking for a varied time at the circus and like to be on the go, do a little of everything, and keep trying new things!

Students will get an introduction to the major circus disciplines we offer:

- aerial silk

- trapeze
- trampoline
- tumbling

- flexibility

- aerial hoop
- juggling
- handbalancing



Single or Double Discipline Classes


Single discipline classes provide the most in-depth

study of the student's choice of apparatus. The hour will focus solely on warming up, the chosen discipline, conditioning related to the demands of the apparatus, and cool-down.


These classes are available for:

- trampoline / trampoline wall

- trapeze

- aerial silk / fabric / tissu

- contortion
- flexibility

- unicycle

- aerial hoop / lyra

- tumbling

- tumbling for dancers



To view a schedule of class offerings, please click HERE.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help.