Artist Preparatory Program

The Circus Lab’s Artist Preparatory Program is Western Canada’s premiere post-secondary circus training program for acrobats and athletes looking to develop artistry and learn about the performance industry.




Program Highlights

The Artist Preparatory Program
provides students with the skills
necessary to begin a career
in professional circus arts,
television, and film.


Applicants with experience
in disciplines including
acrobatics, dance, cheer,
gymnastics, ice skating, and
diving are invited to apply.


Both live and virtual auditions
are available.



One-Year and Three-Year Programs

Our comprehensive first year introduces students to the building blocks necessary for long term circus success including technical proficiency, rigging and safety, acrobatic research, and foundational strength & conditioning. Students will also focus on a primary and a secondary acrobatic discipline.

In year two, curriculum relating to promotion, production, and management is added to focused training hours.

The final year invites students to apply their academic and athletic talents to modules including in-house productions and regional performances.

Students will train a minimum of 20 to 25 hours per week, Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 4:00pm. A customized schedule will be created based on each student's training requirements.

Program Outcomes

Physical Development

Master body awareness,
coordination, posture, 
alignment, strength, and

Fitness Development

Meet the physical
requirements of
established specialities
and disciplines.

Act Development

Explore the creation of
new acts and unique

Artistic Development

Focus energy and
creativity to sustain the
integrity of a


Admissions & Information

Admission is by audition only. Please contact us at for more information.