COVID Guidelines

Our top priority is the safety of our staff and students!

In consultation with the Provincial Health Authority, and Worksafe, these are the policies and procedures we have put in place.


  • Students are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class. If the student arrives earlier, they will be asked to wait outside.
  • The sidewalk space will be used for a socially distant line-up to be screened at the door.
  • Students will be screened at the door. Screen will be via non-contact infrared thermometer. Temperatures above 38 degrees celsius will not be admitted.
  • Students will be assigned spaced waiting areas in order to avoid crowded entryways.
  • Class start times will be adjusted as needed to avoid creating peak times.
  • Doors will be propped open around class start times when possible to avoid touching handles.



  • those presenting with symptoms of Covid-19, such as visible flu symptoms or a fever as indicated by the non-contact infrared thermometer (temperature above 38 degrees celcius)
  • individuals having travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days
  • anyone exposed to a confirmed case of Covid-19 who has been asked to self-isolate


  • Good hygiene reminder signs will be posted throughout the facility.
  • The entire gym will be professionally cleaned regularly, while all commonly used surfaces such as cubbies and door handles will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • Disinfecting spray, hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be made available to the students at easy to access locations.
  • When possible, the garage doors will be opened periodically to maintain the highest level of fresh air possible in the facilities and provide good respiratory hygiene.
  • We will ensure our staff are staying home if they are showing any symptoms of illness.
  • Students will be assigned spaced waiting areas for their classes in order to prevent crowded entry ways.


  • There will be no eating (meals or snacks) at The Circus Lab except for Intensive and APP students staying for long hours, or students attending full-day camps.
  • For Intensive/APP/camp student use, the table area will be staggered and separated.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be provided for wipe-down prior to and after meal breaks.
  • Students are not to share water bottles even if they are from the same family (in order to help staff easily enforce the rules).


  • Parents are asked to drop off children no earlier than 5 minutes before class. If arriving earlier, students and parents are asked to wait outside.
  • The common waiting spaces and parent-viewing areas will be eliminated in order to reduce the number of individuals gathered in the space. Parents are asked to remain in their cars or outside the gym when dropping off or picking up their child.


  • The Circus Lab will not be providing shared items such as chalk or rosin.
  • Couches and books have been removed from the common areas in order to allow for more social distancing space, limit shared surfaces, and discourage visitors.
  • All shared padding items (ie leg warmers and arm wraps) have been removed from the gym. If students are working on a skill requiring padding, they are required to bring their own items and take them home after class.


  • All student belongings must be contained within a single backpack or bag.
  • Those using cubbies must spray and wipe down their cubby upon departing.


  • Circus apparatus will be hung 6 feet apart in all directions, limiting contact between students.
  • Wall bars will be 50% blocked off at all times.
  • Students will wipe down equipment as instructed after use.
  • Instructors will avoid skills requiring spotting unless necessary.
  • Students can ask to only work on skills which do not have a risk of requiring a spot.
  • In order to provide a safe work environment for our staff, instructors can choose to only have their students work on skills that are not likely to require spotting assistance.
  • All aerial students will be required to sanitize their hands prior to class. Other classes may opt for mandatory hand sanitization at the instructor’s discretion, depending on the equipment used.
  • Students are highly encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands after class (reminders will be posted).


  • Classes will be using staggered dismissals at the end of each class (two students at a time) in order to ensure the exit area does not become crowded.


  • Office hours will be limited.
  • We ask that parents and students contact us via email.
  • For urgent matters, in-person questions can be taken up to 15 mins prior to the start of class, or 15 min after the start of class. (Classes usually start on the hour.)
  • As our staff or instructors will be busy screening students upon arrival, getting stations ready or encouraging safe hand-washing practices, please avoid asking questions or engaging in discussions with staff members unless urgent and necessary.
  • We encourage non-contact forms of payment, and whenever possible the use of our online registration portal.