The Circus Lab welcomes you to a summer of strength and creativity!



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Why Circus?


Circus builds strength, teamwork

balancecoordination, and confidence in sport. All of these are incredibly important life 



I don't have a gymnastics or dance background...



No previous experience is necessary!  Students work at their own pace and level within a class, guided by their coaches. You do not need a specific background in order to enjoy and succeed in the circus arts. All you need is to be ready to learn new skills!



Will the students be up high in the air?



Circus students do not need to work at a height unless they have developed the skills necessary to do so safely and have a willingess to challenge themselves. Allaerial equipment is adjustable in height and students start learning skills at low 

heights. Aditionally, there are plenty of disciplines that keep students on the ground (or nearby) such as felxibility, tumbling, trampoline, juggling, unicycling, and partner acrobatics.


summer CAMP 




Our summer programs this year include: 


  • Kids' Camps

  • Teen Camp

  • Stunt Camp  **new!**


  • weekly afternoon and evening 

    circus classes are also offered year-round (please find more information about our weekly classes under Programs)




Learn from fantastic instructors in a supportive, team-work oriented environment. Camps will introduce you to:



  • trapeze

  • trampoline

  • tumbling

  • ​Chinese pole

  • aerial silk

  • aerial hoop

  • act creation

  • strength conditioning

  • flexibility

  • trampoline wall

  • hand-balancing

  • balance globe walking

  • partner acrobatics

  • juggling

  • hand-eye coordination exercises

  • object manipulation

  • unicycling
    ... and more!







Come learn the basics of stunt work, stunt flying, stunt fighting and tricking. This class is taught by instructors who have stuntwork experience in 

the tv/movie business! This camp will explore:


  • tumbling

  • parkour

  • staged fighting

  • wire work

  • rappelling

  • free fall


Stunt camp students will also get a glimpe into the rope work involved behind-the-scenes for stunt work, and will understake studies with a safety-conscious mindset.






Kids' Camps  (ages 6 - 12)

  • July 11th - 15th

  • July 18th - 22nd

  • July 25th - 29th

  • Aug 8th - 12th

  • Aug 15th - 19th


Teen Camps (ages 11 - 16)

  • July 25th - 29th


Stunt Camp (ages 9 - 18)

  • July 18th - 22nd (afternoons only)

  • August 15th-19th (afternoons only)






Half day and full day options are available for Kids and Teen camps.



Morning Session:

9:30 am - 12:30 pm. 


Afternoon Session:


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.


Full Day :


9:30 am - 4:00 pm. 


Please note, the full day option is for ages 8 and up during Kids Camps.





  • Half Day Kids/Teen Camp: 
    $182 + gst

  • Full Day Kids/Teen Camp:

    $296 + gst

  • Stunt Camp (half-day afternoons):

    $205 + gst




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