Adult Classes

Whether you are bored of your regular fitness routine, looking for something fun and different, or even fulfilling a childhood dream, there is a place for everyone in the circus arts. It's never too late to try something new!

You will get visibly stronger over time, refine your coordination, and boost your health and cardio.

Sweat Lab
Sweat Lab is our new fitness class for adults only. No boring cardio here! We'll be working hard, breaking a sweat, having fun, and building functional muscle. This class is scaled for all fitness levels. Sweat Lab runs Wednesday evenings. (Please note: as per public health orders, Sweat Lab is currently on hold)

All-Around Class
Our all-around class target all of our disciplines for a short amount of time within the hour. If you are not sure which discipline to chose, we recommend this class! This will give you a taste of what the circus has to offer, and you are welcome to transfer to a single-discipline class once you have found your passion.

Single Discipline Classes
Hour-long recreational classes are available for adults at any level. Classes are offered in:
- trapeze
- trampoline
- aerial hoop
- aerial silk
- flexibility & contortion