Junior Intensive

The Junior Intensive Program serves as a strength and skill-building program geared towards admission into our Intensive Program. It is for students ages 7-13 wishing to build strength and endurance or gain more in-depth physical awareness through the circus arts. This program does not guarantee admission into the Intensive Program, however with dedication and good effort it can be a big step towards it.

Training Schedule and Disciplines
Students will focus on skills in aerial silks, trampoline & trampoline wall, aerial hoop, tumbling, trapeze, unicycling, juggling, and more. Conditioning and strength-building activities are also an integral part of the Junior Intensive Program.

Junior Intensive runs Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30pm. You can choose to take one day or both.

Performance Opportunities
Intensive students are given priority for performance opportunities however if  more students are needed, Junior Intensive students are next in line. Junior Intensive students may be offered photoshoot opportunities, community performance opportunities, or parts in Circus Lab productions.

Admission and Information
Admission is by audition only. Please contact us for more information.