May 14, 2020


Check out this great interview with Cirque du Soleil Brittany Gee Moore on Global News. She's training with our aerial rig! She was also highlighted in a stunning video called Quarantine, Through the Eyes of Cirque du Soleil Artists. 




April 9, 2020


Design Parker an amazing circus costume!

Print the below picture out or click to download. Compete in kids, teens, and adult categories! Enter by posting it on Instagram and tagging @thecircuslab. You have until SATURDAY APRIL 18th; we will post the top entries for you to vote on Monday!

*instagram accounts must be public for entry to be seen.


March 28, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we write this, in a time of such uncertainty. A time where we need to put the safety of our loved ones before anything else.

There is no doubt in our minds that we will make it through this pandemic. The efforts being made on everyone's parts shows that we can and will get though this. But, there will be those who suffer, those who may not be able to push through entirely. The Arts.

Circus Lab has been providing a home for youth and adults for the last several years. Some of our students have achieved their goals to work and perform with some of the biggest shows around, including companies like Cirque Du Soleil and Disney. We have watched youth grow up and find their identity here, find their values, and find their closest friends. We have watched students push their way past depression and isolation. And we have brightened the days of so many children who learned their first cartwheel, or their first big trick on aerial silks.

Circus is not just an art or an activity. For so many it is a community and a way of life. Right now we are reaching out to our communities, to our families, and friends. We are reaching out to everyone who has been touched by our community.

We are seeking your help so we can weather these upcoming months. We know that when the dust settles we will have children bouncing off walls waiting to get back to circus classes or excited to have their birthday parties here again, and pre-professional and professional students going back to their 20 plus hours per week of training. So please, if you are able, we have a few options for how you can help us keep our doors open.

Enrolling into our online training. Unplugged is our new online training program for the whole family. Classes will be a combination of live zoom classes, and online videos.
Purchasing a gift certificate. These gift certificates can be in any amount, and can be applied towards future classes, birthday parties, or camps. And right now we are offering a 10% bonus on top.
Save the School class. This monthly donation of $50 will be used to pay our rent and other expenses we can not defer. If you have the financial means to enroll into a second or third "class", AMAZING! We thank you for your support! All donations will be credited towards a second or third recreational class a student enrolls in once we are back up and running.

Your support means so much to us. Thank you.